CX 90 1

Emotional body surface expression

The CX-90 exterior design takes the movement of light and metal Mazda Kodo design is known for to a new level. To do this, Mazda first kept the wedge-shape of the beltline as flat and sleek as possible to accentuate the reflections and movement of light in the body surface. We then connected the cabin and the body with a single streak of light, finishing off the look of the exterior as a single, solid unit—a unique expression that is different to other SUVs so far.

CX 90 5

Interior Design

A wide dashboard and a long console with a strong, resilient feel that stretches out lengthways. The cabin layout features a wide dashboard with continuous lines that run from the side louvers to the door trims, giving the cabin space a wide, luxurious feel. The bold shape of the center console and the way it penetrates the cabin space lengthways points to the presence of the CX-90’s powerful FR transmission and longitudinal inline engine as well as communicating structural strength.

CX 90 6A


Mazda…a name synonymous with driving pleasure. With feeling at one with the vehicle as if it’s an extension of you. We call that feeling Jinba-ittai. And now it takes elegant, inspiring form in CX-90, our flagship three-row SUV. This masterful and assured redefinition of the family SUV is engineered from the ground up for exhilarating response that’s also easy on the environment. It begins with the longitudinal version of our Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture platform scaled to CX-90’s spacious dimensions and featuring an in-line six-cylinder engine with a front-engine rear-wheel-drive (FR) layout. This versatile, performance-focused platform even adapts to accommodate diverse electrification technologies such as our M Hybrid Boost 48 V mild hybrid system.

CX 90 7


The beating heart of CX-90 is the newly developed e-Skyactiv G 3.3-litre turbocharged in-line six-cylinder petrol engine. While the straight-six has long been the enthusiast’s gold standard for refined balance and smooth power delivery, Mazda Skyactiv Technology takes this configuration to an unprecedented combination of high power, torque and fuel efficiency. e-Skyactiv G is also equipped with M Hybrid Boost, Mazda’s advanced electrification technology. This unique 48 V mild hybrid system captures and stores energy from deceleration to power a motor that assists the engine during start-up and acceleration.

CX 90 8

Driver Personalization System

The Driver Personalization System uses a camera to detect the driver’s eye position and adjust seat position, steering wheel, Active Driving Display and door mirrors to suit. The automatic setting recovery function recognizes up to six individual drivers’ faces and restores their preferences from over 250 memorized settings.

Mi Drive


Mazda always wants to provide the best connection between vehicle and Driver. Mi-Drive enables the driver to experience Jinba-ittai in different driving situations. Mi stand for Mazda Intelligent.

CX 90 10

large panoramic sunroof

The large panoramic sunroof provides an expansive top view and brings light to the entire cabin, delivering an open, airy feel to passengers in the front and rear alike.



The 21-inch diamond-cut machined aluminium wheels feature a black metallic finish with a modern look and high-quality feel to accent CX-90’s bold and elegantly commanding SUV presence.

Bose Sound


Enjoy crisp and clear audio through the available 12-speaker Bose® audio system, featuring a unique and immersive speaker layout for an optimal audio experience.

CX 90 12

Hands-Free Power Liftgate

With the advanced key in your pocket or bag, a quick kick beneath the sensor located under the rear bumper lets you open and close the power liftgate, a convenient feature when your hands are full or when you don’t want to touch the car because it is wet or muddy.

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