Less Is More 60

Less Is More

There is a pure grace to be found in the simplicity and sparse beauty of a "karesansui" dry garden which exemplifies the Japanese design principle of “less is more”. This principle was deftly applied to the new Mazda CX-60, imbuing the car with a subtle yet strong appearance. The car is in harmony with the surrounding nature, a value that is very important in Japanese life, rather than attempting to dominate it as some other SUVs often do.

Japanese Premium Interior1

Japanese Premium interior

The way the movement of light and shadows changes throughout the seasons is something Japanese people are particularly aware of thanks to their history of living in harmony with nature. We based the CX-60 interior design around these uniquely Japanese sensibilities and aesthetics, then gave shape to this design through master craftsmanship that infuses products with the warmth of human hands—something we call “Japanese Premium.”

Hands Free En (1)

Hands–free power liftgate

With the advanced key in your pocket or bag, a quick kick beneath the sensor located under the rear bumper lets you open and close the power liftgate, a convenient feature when your hands are full or when you don’t want to touch the car because it is wet or muddy.

Kinematic Posture Control 60

Kinematic Posture Control (KPC)

Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) stabilizes the vehicle to give a feel of the tires sticking to the road, helping the driver maintain natural posture, preventing straining, and making driving safe and stress-free even on continuous winding roads and rough road surfaces. The KPC system works by suppressing vehicle body lift even on the tightest curves in the road. This enhances the sense of grip and helps the driver feel comfortable increasing the vehicle speed as needed. This stable drive will also make passengers feel more at ease.

Bose Sound1


Jointly developed with Bose®, CX-60’s audio system features 12 speakers for powerful, clearly defined sound. The unique Centerpoint2 surround system delivers a superbly focused, three-dimensional sonic image even from stereo sources, while AUDIOPILOT2 monitors ambient noise levels and automatically adjusts audio volume.

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