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Mazda CX-30 is as switched on as it is stylish. That's why its inner intelligence shines through.

Skyactiv G


It is Mazda's latest high-efficiency gasoline engine that combines powerful, enjoyable performance with fuel economy without sacrificing any of them. whereas, with the same amount of fuel, you get more power than usual.

Cx 30

Front seats and seatbelts

The Mazda CX-30 features a front seat structure that effectively prevents against whiplash, a common injury in rear-end collisions. Also, attaching the lower seatbelt mounts to the seat itself has realized uniform slack and seatbelt angle in all seat positions, meaning the belts will restrain occupants quicker in the event of a collision.

Knee Airbag Sm

Driver’s seat knee airbag

The driver’s seat is also equipped with a knee airbag as standard equipment, designed to both reduce injury to the knee area and suppress forward movement.

GVC Plus (1)


GVC Plus is one more way Mazda’s human-centric engineering makes vehicle movement more responsive, more confidence-inspiring and just more comfortable. As you enter a bend, GVC Plus momentarily lowers engine torque to transfer weight to the front wheels and enhance grip. Then as you go through the curve, engine torque is restored to shift weight rearwards for greater stability. Finally, as you exit the bend brake force is slightly applied to the outer wheels to help recover straight-line running. This seamless, behind-the-scenes control greatly reduces the need for mid-bend steering corrections, smoothes the effect of G forces to reduce body sway, and lowers stress and fatigue on long drives.


Mazda Connect

The latest version of Mazda Connect — knitting humans and cars even closer together. 8.8 inch widescreen center display has been split into two screens. This way, when scrolling through menus, supplementary information about each item appears as an illustration or text on the right hand side, making it easier for users to understand menu content intuitively. When using the navigation feature to perform a destination search, destination suggestions are listed on the left side of the screen and a map of the surrounding area appears on the right, improving consistency and ease of use. We have even added additional features such as the ability to display navigation and audio information simultaneously on a split screen to make the system even easier to use.

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