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Takata Airbag Recall Information

Takata Airbag Recall


It has been determined that driver and/or passenger air bags supplied by Takata are defective and extremely dangerous. In affected vehicles with Takata air bags, metal shrapnel can explode from the air bags in the event of a crash. This can cause serious injury or death to passengers.

Should you determine that your vehicle is affected by this recall, Mazda and Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd. encourages you to take immediate action to have your vehicle repaired for free.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by SMS and will also receive a call from our customer service representative.

You can check by entering your vehicle's VIN number in the following link or by calling our customer service representative on this number: 800 244 0140

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • You can check by entering your vehicle's VIN number in the following link or by calling our contact center on this number: 800 244 0140.

  • In the subject vehicles, continued exposure to high levels of absolute humidity may cause the front air bag inflator housing to rupture and deploy abnormally in the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the frontal air bag. An inflator rupture could result in shrapnel and debris striking and potentially seriously injuring vehicle occupants.

  • No

  • No, as affected Takata airbags may cause injury or harm when deployed.

  • You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives and via SMS.

  • Repair is ready to be implemented once concerned customer makes an appointment and visits us.

  • No, it is not required to make an appointment for vehicle recalls, however it is recommended to make an appointment before 1:00 PM to ensure vehicle delivery on the same day.

  • Yes. If a loaner vehicle is not available at the time, you will be compensated with the amount (Sale price of car / 400) on every day of delay.

  • No. For assured safety, we recommend to have the airbag inflator repaired at our facility instead of disconnecting the component.

  • For safety assurance, we recommend replacing your previously replaced Takata airbags if your vehicle is under recall.

  • Yes, it is recommended to have the vehicle repaired before importing/exporting your vehicle.

  • Yes if:
    1. The vehicle entered our facility before 1 PM.
    2. No other additional repair is required for your vehicle.
    To ensure same-day delivery, we recommend making an appointment via our recall page after checking your VIN number or by contacting our customer service number 800 244 0140.

  • The modified airbags have passed the required standard quality assurance tests.

  • Yes

  • All recall jobs are free of charge.

  • No

  • Yes. The newly installed airbags have been quality assured prior to installation.