19 New Features in Mazda CX-9

  • GVC Plus
  • Off-Road Traction Assist
  • Wheel color change
  • ALH Improvement
  • Cargo room lump updated from Bulb to LED
  • Fuel consumption indication (from L/100km to Km/L)
  • Interior color and decoration change
  • Nappa leather quality improvement
  • Center display size increased from 8 inch to 9 inch
  • Optical Bonding
  • One-Touch walk-in switch for 3rd row
  • Better operability for 2nd seat
  • USB Port for 3rd seat
  • Phase Diversity Antenna
  • New type of Key fob
  • Auto Hold
  • New font for car name
  • Rear seatbelt reminder
  • Nappa white leather

Product Overview

Distinction in Design

The purity and simplicity of Japanese aesthetics come to breathtaking life in this premium expression of KODO design language. CX-9's interior is a finely-honed statement of premium design and quality: its range of superior, genuine materials such as aluminium comes together to create an atmosphere of style and sophistication that satisfies all the sense.

Distinction in Dynamics

CX-9 is a premium SUV, meaning it's the ideal answer to all your family's motoring needs. But it's also a Mazda, meaning it's engineered to completely satisfy your desire for exhilarating and responsive driving.

Distinction in daily life

CX-9 is all about making life richer and more rewarding. So, it's designed to make everything you do easier, more satisfying and just plain more enjoyable.

Distinction in Communication

Complete and intutive communication between you and the car. Real-time communication with the world when you're on the road. That's what Mazda's advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and MZD CONNECT internet connectivity offer you. And now Mazda has extended the HMI to include even your driving position to further enhance the Jinba-ittai experience. From your command position behind the wheel you have a panoramic view of the road, with all instruments and controls ideally placed to allow you to focus on careful and enjoyable driving.


Modern cars constantly present more and more information, information that can potentially distract your attention from the road. So Mazda engineered its HMI to clearly give you the information you need for timely decision-making without confusion, with minimal eye movements and with reduced stress. Controls, instruments, steering wheel and shift lever are all ideally placed in relation to the driver’s seat, with the main instrument cluster and steering wheel directly centred on the driver, while the pedals are positioned symmetrically to fall naturally under the feet. Excellent visibility is assured thanks to A-pillars located rearward to offerer a broader view of the road.

Mazda Proactive Safety

Mazda's Proactiv Safety philosphy is firmly grounded in a belief in the driver's abilities, aiming to support safer driving while maintaining all the fun of the road. Safer driving demands early recognition of potential hazards, good judgement and appropriate action, and Mazda works to support these essential functions so you can drive more safely and with peace of mind despite changing driving conditions. First is an optimum driver environment with good visibility, well-positioned controls, easy-to-read instruments and minimal distractions.

Skyactiv Technology


This turbo-charged engine gives you the relaxed yet powerful torque of a 4.0-litre V8 while achieving best-in-class listed and real-world fuel economy. Displacing just 2.5 litres, the Skyactiv-G 2.5T is a showcase of advanced Mazda technology dedicated to maximizing fuel economy along with outstanding dynamic performance, particularly in the low-to mid-rpm range most drivers use most of the time.

Horsepower:  hp  |  Torque:  Nm


This six-speed automatic tranmission combines the smooth operation of a conventional automatic with the fast shifting of a twin-clutch gearbox. Lockup is extended to the nearly 90% for the solid feel of a manual transmission.


Innovation in structure, construction and materials make CX-9 lighter, safer and more rigid. Straight structural members, a continuous framework and extensive use of high-tensile steel achieve the contradictory requirement of lighter weight and greater collision-resistance, particularly in the occupant's area.


To deliver sporty Jinba-ittai driving, CX-9 features strut geometry at the front and a multi-link layout at the rear, specifically tuned to the requirements of an SUV of this size. Electric Power Assist Steering provides comfortable, responsive operation with positive feedback.


Mazda’s new-generation all-wheel-drive system i-Activ AWD works together with GVC Plus to offer confident driving on any road surface, while also contributing to environmental compatibility. It’s also at the heart of the newly adopted Off-Road Traction Assist. The system helps prevent tyre slippage and minimize energy losses enhancing both driveability in poor conditions and fuel economy by instantly distributing power optimally between the front and rear wheels. This is achieved by continuously monitoring road conditions according to various factors such as road gradient and outside temperature and weather, as well as detecting even minimal front wheel slippage. In addition, i-Activ AWD assesses your intentions via your driving operations to precisely adjust torque distribution. An active on-demand system automatically controls power distribution, requiring no decision-making from you and allowing you to maintain your focus on the road.

The touch of a switch engages Off-Road Traction Assist to help you get free when stuck in mud, sand or deep snow. The system optimizes torque distribution, suppressing wheelspin by sending motive power only to the wheels with grip to maximize their driving force and get you smoothly back in motion.


GVC Plus

Smooth transitions between G-forces when braking, turning and accelerating are an essential element of Jinba-ittai, and have been a major development focus at Mazda for many years. This unified feel to braking, steering and acceleration, along with consistent feedback, allows the driver to control the vehicle easily and precisely. And Mazda’s G-Vectoring Control (GVC) — the debut technology of Skyactiv Vehicle Dynamics — took this dynamic, unified feel to an even higher level. Now, advanced GVC Plus offers even greater capability. It’s a logical extension of Mazda’s human-centric design and engineering philosophy that not only concentrates on mechanical efficiency but also considers how a vehicle should be in light of human characteristics. GVC Plus is a new approach to controlling vehicle dynamics that uses the engine and brakes to enhance handling performance, and it gives Mazda vehicles even smoother transitions between G-forces in all driving scenarios.


Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

BSM uses 24GHz quasi-milliwave radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spots behind and to the side, and using a turn signal while BSM detects a vehicle triggers visual and audio warnings.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

RCTA uses the same sensors like BSM to alert the driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reversing operations.

Smart Brake Support (SBS)

It uses milliwave radar to detect and measure the distance to a preceding vehicle. When the system judges CX-9 is closing too fast it first warns of danger, and if no action is taken, it then begins to apply the brakes. Works at speed between 15 and 145km/h.

Adaptive LED Headlights

ALH offers the driver greater support for recognizing potential hazards when driving at night. The system improves night visibility and helps the driver avoid hazardous situations by combining the use of Glare-free High Beam (featuring an adjustable illumination range) and Wide-range Low Beam.

Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)

A forward sensing camera detects lane markings and assists the steering to keep you in lane. The system also alerts you when it judges an unintended lane departure is imminent by vibrating the steering wheel or with an audible alarm. When the system determines lane departure is intentional (use of turn signals etc.) no warning are given. The system operates at speeds above approximately 60km/h.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS senses lane marking on the road surface. When the system predicts departure from the lane it issues an audible warning similar to the noise a car makes when it runs onto a rumble strip to prompt timely steering corrections. The system assesses driver inputs such as use of the turm signals to weed out false alarms.


360° View Camera

Newly adopted 360° View Monitor system features four cameras on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle to show the area around the car on a central display. Combined with alarm sounds triggered by eight parking sensors at the front and rear, the system helps you to avoid danger when pulling into or out of a garage, approaching T-shaped intersections or passing an oncoming car on a narrow road. available with Hi+ model only.

Front-Seat Ventilation

Newly adopted front-seat ventilation system draws hot and humid air away from areas where the occupant’s body is in contact with the seat surface, providing a more comfortable driving environment. The system offers three-stage control over ventilation strength.

Nappa Leather

Nappa Leather is available in two colors Pure White and Oriental Brown. Available with Hi+ model only.

LED Headlamps

The grille's signature wings flow into beautiful, compact LED headlamps that curve and extend deep into the front fenders. The intricate design and masterfully executed details of these 'eyes' of CX-9 draw the onlooker in.

LED Taillights

The LED taillights echo the headlamps design theme, featuring a strong horizontal layout that wraps around the body to emphasize CX-9's presense. The prominent circular element functions as a focal point for the whole design.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel features narrower spokes and a redesigned rim with varying cross-section to better fit the hands and give a confident grip for sporty driving.

Sound System

The BOSE® premium sound system features most with extended bass range, allowing better crossover points for a flatter frequency response. The result is accurate reproduction of music from the highest treble to the lowest bass tones.

Navigation System

The navigation system displays your current location and your route on the windscreen via Active Driving Display and also on the centre display. Data is provided on an optional SD card.

Back-up Monitor System

The back-up monitor system features a wide-angle camera to give you a clear and comprehensive view around the rear of CX-9 when reversing, further enhancing safety.

Panorama Cafe: Sheikh Ali Alireza interview - Mazda CX-9

Shk Ali

Exterior Body Colors

Interior Colors

* Exterior / interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.

Machine Grey Metallic

The Machine Grey Metallic body colour was developed as part of Mazda's unique TAKUMI-NURI (TAKUMI: master craftman, NURI: painting) painting technology, like the brand colour Soul Red Metallic. It achieves an unprecedented combination of colour, highlights, shade and depth to emphasize the dynamic body shape of KODO design, and makes CX-9 look as though it were carved from a single ingot of steel.