The city of Jeddah - the bride of the Red Sea and the commercial capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is also the home of the country's first automobile distributor, Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd.


The city of Jeddah - the bride of the Red Sea and the commercial capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is also the home of the country's first automobile distributor, Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd.

In 1906, Sheikh Husein Alireza, a member of one of the oldest families in Saudi Arabia, founded the company that was destined to become one of the leading trading companies in Saudi Arabia.

For the first twenty years of its existence, the company operated in general trading which included foodstuffs, textiles, and jewellery, and in 1926, it became the first company to import and distribute cars on a commercial basis in the Arabian Peninsula and the first automobile dealership in Saudi Arabia.

The company has represented many famous car brands such as Nash, Hypomobile and Studebaker. In 1948, the Alireza family became the first Saudi family to represent Ford Motors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In fact, HHA. was the first Saudi company to launch a co-branded credit card with MasterCard in 1996 to reward its customers and enhance their loyalty.

By being one of the most experienced business establishments in the Kingdom, the company has developed an remarkable reputation for quality and service. After more than 115 years in business, it has also maintained a high degree of awareness of its brand in the Saudi market and has established a large nationwide network of company-owned distributors and branches that extends all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company's network of showrooms and customer service facilities represent many years of dedication to customer service and support.

Great attention has been paid to designing showrooms based on global foundations and systems for customer convenience, which is an important priority of the company.

The concern for customer support is most appear in Service facilities where no expense is spared in making visits for service centres an enjoyable experience.

In addition to its centralized Service facilities, the company has set up several express Service centres where it is convenient for its customers.

With the growth and expansion of Saudi Arabia cities, the company always strives to provide convenient and easy access to Service advantages for all its customers.

The availability of parts throughout the Saudi market is ensured by the company's extensive network of distribution centres and retail outlets.

From the central warehouse in Jeddah, to regional distribution centres in Riyadh and Al Khobar to an extensive network of company-owned wholesalers and retail stores, no customer of any of the company brands is located very far from a parts outlet.

Over the course of more than 115 years of existence, HHA has built an outstanding network of owned and operated facilities, making its coverage of the Saudi market nothing short of exceptional.

There is hardly a customer or potential customer in the Kingdom for whom it is difficult to access a site for the company's showrooms, service centres or parts outlet.

Despite the diversity of its customers, the family of Hajj Hussein Company represents the link between the company and its customers.

Supporting all the company's capabilities and linking its resources together with the presence of the most advanced management information systems, is a guarantee to provide its services efficiently. The company's tireless drive to adjust the speed is reflected in customer service and the continuous commitment to keep pace with technical development to support this objective.

The IT department at the headquarters in Jeddah is the focal point of a system dedicated to providing its employees with the necessary technology to provide the highest levels of customer support.

By offering the best possible working conditions, and continuous training and development programs by the company's human resources department, it provides opportunities and a better future that pays close attention to its greatest asset: the employees.

With three generations of the family working side by side today, HHA looks forward to continuing its path towards a future as successful and prosperous as the past.

Today, HHA is one of the largest automobile distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is the exclusive distributor of Mazda, MAN and Aston Martin brands in Saudi Arabia.