Product Overview

Design Concept

The Mazda CX-30 represents an entirely new design with “Sleek and Bold” as its key design concept, its proportions combine the toughness of an SUV with a supple, flowing beauty that transcends the category. Its body surfaces are deeply expressive and look completely different from moment to moment. The refined interior is characterized by a vivid contrast between a comfortably snug feel and an airy, spacious atmosphere that helps all occupants feel both connected and comfortable in the car. Every aspect of the design enhances the value and unique character of the CX-30 and stimulates customers’ sensibilities each time they look at or touch the car.

Exterior Design

Proportions that accentuate flowing beauty.
To give life to the “Sleek and Bold” design concept behind the Mazda CX-30, we blacked out the lower body using thick cladding (the black parts on the lower body), to give the body the appearance of having the sleek, flowing proportions of a coupe. Simultaneously, the bold, chunky cladding echoes the power and stability of the lower body of the vehicle.


A car body that reflects the surrounding scenery through the breathtaking interplay of light and shadow. The sense of vitality created by using light as art is the pinnacle of Mazda design.

“At first glance, this appears to be quite a simple design. However, the body sides give off a completely different look depending on the angle from which you look at them, the surrounding environment, and the weather, making it an endlessly appealing design that you never tire of looking at. “

Interior Design

A spacious cabin that brings comfort to even the longest journeys.
Mazda CX-30 cabin meticulously designed to offer an interior space comfortable and pleasant on even the longest drives. The CX-30 packaging supports a wide variety of lifestyles and ensures time spent in the car will be rich and pleasant.

Center console
The Mazda CX-30 center console speaks of the height, width, and presence of an SUV and brings together both strength and beauty in its design.


Visibility that ensures drivers can always see what they need to, enabling safe and stress-free driving no matter what the situation.

Skyactiv Technology


This high-efficiency, proven 2.0-litre petrol engine delivers crisp response and great low- to mid-range torque for lively performance both in town and on motorways.

Horsepower:  hp  |  Torque:  Nm

Human-Centric: Motion Inspired By You


Advanced driving performance that gives drivers the freedom to drive freely and intuitively and facilitates a pleasant and comfortable ride for everyone in the car.

From the time we learn to walk, we learn to control our centre of gravity – and thus our balance – entirely without conscious thought. It becomes as natural as breathing. And it is the inspiration for Mazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, aimed at enabling you to fully maintain your balance even inside the vehicle. With human characteristics as the overriding design directive for the seats, body and chassis as a whole, Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture realizes ride comfort, handling stability and vehicle motion that perfectly matches human sensibilities and always feels familiar and natural to driver and passengers alike.

G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC PLUS)

GVC Plus is one more way Mazda's human-centric engineering makes vehicle movement more responsive, more confidence-inspiring and just more comfortable. As you enter a bend, GVC Plus momentarily lowers engine torque to transfer weight to the front wheels and enhance grip. Then as you go through the curve, engine torque is restored to shift weight rearwards for greater stability. Finally, as you exit the bend brake force is slightly applied to the outer wheels to help recover straight-line running. This seamless, behind-the-scene control greatly reduces the need for mid-bend steering corrections, smoothes the effect of G forces to reduce body away, and lowers stress and fatigue on long drives.

GVC Plus


LED Lamps

Lamp design that highlights the intricate nature of the car as a machine amidst emotive beauty.
The latest generation of Mazda design seeks to create a solid look for the lamps by integrating all necessary lamp functions into a single cylindric shape. The lamps on the Mazda CX-30 have been designed to accentuate the mechanical beauty of the vehicle as a precision machine amidst its emotive overall styling.

Commander control

In the Mazda CX-30, the user interface is operated solely by using the commander control and operation now follows a consistent “rotate and push” pattern across all center display screens. Alongside adopting a uniform vertical layout for all screens, this helps reduce cognitive distraction (hesitation or confusion).

8.8 inch center display

Making the most of the widescreen, the display has been split into two screens. This way, when scrolling through menus, supplementary information about each item appears as an illustration or text on the right hand side, making it easier for users to understand menu content intuitively.

Center armrest

The center armrest allows for plenty of elbowroom, ensuring greater comfort for drivers with a larger physique. We have also woven a sense of premium quality into the armrest that is apparent in the pleasant feel of the fabric against your fingertips and the perfect level of cushioning for body support felt when you rest your elbow on the armrest.

Seat Layout

A layout designed for enjoyable conversation.
While maintaining a spacious yet cozy distance between passengers, we have widened the sitting position for each seat, enabling occupants in the front seats to look back from a comfortable angle and see the faces of passengers in the rear seats with ease.

Exit & Entry

Designed for ease of entry and exit for all kinds of users around the world.
Mazda endeavored to design the Mazda CX-30 with high minimum ground clearance, while positioning the seats so that occupants can get in and out of the car easily. This makes it possible to slip in and out of both the front and rear seats in a natural and elegant manner.

Audio system

Assured control of sound in the cabin — whether noise or music — is another key element of driving pleasure, superbly achieved by Mazda Harmonic Acoustics. This far-reaching audio initiative was developed to create a quiet cabin that insulates you from unwanted and distracting outside noise, while still allowing for the subtle sounds from the road and engine that add to the driving experience. It also drove the design of the audio system to deliver the same rich sound at both low and high volumes.


Wheels that uphold the car body with the strength of an SUV and reflect its mechanical beauty as a car.
The Mazda CX-30 wheels are designed with a sense of linearity that speaks of the car as a machine and strength that upholds the vehicle body. For the CX-30, Mazda focused on creating a look for the suspension that shows it can easily support a bold, sculpted body structure, for a finished design that is both simple and strong.

Driver’s seat knee airbag

The driver’s seat is also equipped with a knee airbag as standard equipment, designed to both reduce injury to the knee area and suppress forward movement.

Exterior Body Colors

Interior Colors

* Exterior / Interior vehicle colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.

Mazda’s Unique Painting Technology

Mazda’s unique painting technology TAKUMI-NURI (TAKUMI: master craftsman, NURI: painting) with its unprecedented combination of colour, highlights, shade and depth, further emphasizes the sheer beauty and quality of the dynamic body shape. The lineup includes two Takumi-Nuri body colours: Soul Red Crystal Metallic and Machine Grey Metallic.

Dimensions and Specifications

vehicle dimensions
Mazda CX-30