Product Overview

A new era: a new standard

The challenge: to build a car that can be used anywhere, in any way, to support creative, individualistic lifestyles. The result: Mazda CX-3. Finding inspiration in the essential values people seek in a car rather than target numbers in a specification sheet, CX-3 is designed and engineered to stimulate the emotions by closely matching human sensibilities. Mazda’s KODO — Soul of Motion design language again sets a new benchmark for quality and style, while a full suite of revolutionary SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY delivers performance that enhances modern lifestyles on any road from the inner city to the great outdoors. CX-3 is the perfect tool for expressing your individuality and adding spice to your life.

A new era: a radical design departure

CX-3 marks another advance in Mazda’s KODO design philosophy. Inspired by the power, grace and beauty of animals in the wild and avoiding all preconceptions of how a crossover should look, CX-3’s styling is an eye-catching expression of dynamic motion with a sense of purpose. Large-diameter wheels add to the stable, well-planted stance, enhancing the striking proportions of the sleek cabin and short overhangs. Combined with clean lines shorn of unnecessary details this creates a unique statement of charismatic style.

Room to enjoy

You never feel short of space in CX-3. The front seats offer ample shoulder and legroom for people of any build and the rear seats offer omfortable headroom and knee space. In addition, rear seats are located higher and closer to the centre of the cabin than the front seats, creating a layout that makes it easier for passengers in the rear to see out of the front or converse with people in the front seats.

Skyactiv Technology


This high-efficiency, proven 2.0-litre petrol engine delivers crisp response and great low- to mid-range torque for lively performance both in town and on motorways.

Horsepower:  hp  |  Torque:  Nm


SKYACTIV-BODY employs optimized structures and advanced materials to simultaneously achieve lighter weight and increased rigidity for better safety and handling performance.


More comfort and more of Mazda’s famous feeling of unity between car and driver with the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS’s suspension and steering.

Exterior Body Colors

Interior Colors

* Exterior / Interior colors shown in the above pictures may differ on the screen from the actual model color.

Soul Red Metallic

The Soul Red Metallic body colour was developed as part of Mazda’s unique TAKUMI-NURI (TAKUMI: master craftsman, NURI: painting) painting technology. It achieves an unprecedented combination of colour, highlights, shade and depth to emphasize the dynamic body shape of KODO design, and symbolizes Mazda’s passion to embody the Zoom-Zoom driving pleasure.

Dimensions and Specifications